Superior Design in a True “One-Piece” Gutter System

One of a Kind Gutters & Exceptional Home Protection

The gutter protection system we carry at LeafGuard of Eastern Washington is truly one of a kind as it’s the only “all-in-one” gutter system available. By “all in one”, we mean that our system combines the protective qualities of a built-in hood with those of a seamless gutter. We take a single sheet of heavy-duty aluminum and extrude a full one-piece gutter system that is guaranteed to remain clog-free. The curved hood completely covers the top of the gutter trough to eliminate the possibility of debris entering the system. Water is able to continually flow into the system via the front facing entrance by utilizing the principle of liquid adhesion. Additionally, we have a variety of colors that can match or complement the beauty of your Town and Country home.

Designed and Engineered to Protect Your Home:

  • Seamless Design: The seamless design of our gutter system eliminates the possibility of leaks forming at worn seals or welds since they don’t need either. This also contributes to the low-maintenance appeal since you don’t have to reapply sealants or welds throughout the year.
  • One-Piece, Built-in Protection: The LeafGuard system is the only true one-piece gutter protection system on the market due to the built-in hood it features. With our system, there’s no need to purchase aftermarket gutter covers that often aren’t nearly as efficient.
  • Installation: There are many aspects that make our installation method unique but one of the most overlooked is that we use screws instead of nails or spikes. This greatly reduces the risk of sagging or falling gutters even after years of use, meaning that your system will continue to work efficiently and look great well into the future.
  • Beauty & Appeal: The low profile design of the gutter and hood gives our system an undeniable appeal. Not only will it complement the architecture of your home, it also presents no threat your roof line. This allows your home to keep its high curb appeal.

Enhance Curb Appeal with LeafGuard Gutters

The patented one-piece seamless LeafGuard gutter system has proven its worth by performing spectacularly for homes in Town and Country and surrounding areas. It’s even recognized by The Good Housekeeping Institute as an outstanding product and carries the Good Housekeeping Seal. In addition to its magnificent performance, our gutter system great for enhancing curb appeal. We have multiple colors from which you can choose and we protect the color with ScratchGuard® paint finish so it doesn’t chip, peel, or scratch. Enjoy the beauty and efficiency of a gutter system that does it all when you contact us today to schedule your free consultation!