Impressive Efficiency with Seamless Gutters

Prevent Damage with Gutter Protection

Gutters systems are designed for the primary purpose of redirecting rainwater away from your Town and Country home. The reason this is such an important function is because it keeps water from damaging important parts of your home like the foundation, fascia, roofline, and many others. The primary concern is obviously the foundation as it maintains the structural integrity of your home. Gutters protect your foundation by preventing water from pooling at the base of your home where it can apply significant pressure to the foundation walls.

A secondary function of a gutter system is to preserve the curb appeal of your home. The gutters we carry at LeafGuard of Eastern Washington are especially good at this due to their seamless design and smart use of elegant curves. Our gutters also possesses a low-profile, curved hood that enables the system to remain clog-free. The hood doesn’t interfere with the beauty of the system and is built into the gutter so it doesn’t affect your roofline. Best of all, water is still able to enter the trough by adhering to the surface of the cover due to the principle of liquid adhesion.

Making Science Work for Your Home

Liquid adhesion is the key to the LeafGuard gutter system. It’s a principle of physics that dictates water will adhere to certain surfaces that are smooth and rounded. These are integral design aspects for our built-in curved hood. This makes it possible for water to flow along the surface of the cover and travel into the gutter trough using the front-facing entrance. Even though water can continue into the gutter, debris cannot and is shed harmlessly to the ground. To increase the efficiency of our gutters, we fit them with oversized downspouts that can withstand the heaviest of rains.

Gutter Professionals in Town and Country

The quality and efficiency of our LeafGuard system are only part of the solution to proper rainwater management in Town and Country and surrounding areas. The other part is to have a high-quality installation done so the gutters reach their optimal performance. At LeafGuard of Eastern Washington, we have some of the most well respected gutter professionals in the industry to ensure a perfect installation of your new gutter system. Furthermore, we can answer any questions you may have about the LeafGuard system. Bring quality protection and outstanding beauty to your home today by contacting us about our magnificent gutter protection system.