How Our Gutters Work for Your Home

The Role of Our Effective Gutter Design

At LeafGuard of Eastern Washington, we carry the one-piece, seamless gutter protection system that has an innovative, patented design to enhance its effectiveness, aesthetic, and ability to stay clog-free. The unique features that our gutter system is designed with are part of the reason it has earned the approval of the Good Housekeeping Institute, allowing it to carry their seal. The Good Housekeeping seal is proof that our gutter system delivers on its promises. The seal also shows that our gutters carry the Good Housekeeping warranty, which means that if it proves to be defective over the first two years of purchase, Good Housekeeping repair or reimburse your system.

Gutter Design at Work in Town and Country

The seamless, one-piece design of our gutter system provides it with a low-maintenance quality that no other system possesses. The largest difference between our system and others is the built-in hood that keeps it free of clogs. This means you never have to worry with digging through debris in your gutter trough or flushing out downspouts ever again. Another great feature is that there are no seams that require resealing or welding. The lack of seams greatly reduces the chance of your gutters sprouting leaks. It’s qualities like these that puts LeafGuard gutters in a league of their own.

Another advantage of our seamless gutters is that they are roll-formed on-site using one-piece of heavy-duty aluminum, resulting in a gutter system with a built in cover. By forming the system on-site using the exact measurements needed from your Town and Country home, we are able to create a perfectly fitting gutter protection system. Other protection systems require a separate piece for the cover that’s usually attached at your roof and with low-quality brackets. LeafGuard has the cover built in, making them the only true seamless, one-piece gutter protection system.

High-Quality Gutter Design & Installation

At LeafGuard of Eastern Washington, we employ some of the finest installers and representatives in the region so you receive outstanding service every time you reach out to us. Our installers are expertly trained to perform flawless work on your Town and Country home. Part of what makes this possible is our “factory on wheels”, in which we form your gutter system on site using the precise measurements of your home. Our system also uses special internal brackets that are screwed directly into your fascia board. These provide extra support and strength for the gutter system and keep it from ever having to touch your roof. Transcend the current gutter standard and enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle by contacting us today for a free gutter consultation!