Protect Your Roof Warranty with LeafGuard Gutters

How One-Piece, Seamless Gutters Protect Your Home

The majority of gutter systems lack the necessary features to fully protect your Town and Country home, which is why we’ve chosen to carry a uniquely branded gutter system designed to perform far better than any other. In fact, our LeafGuard gutter system has earned the approval of the Good Housekeeping Institute. Not only does this mean that it’s passed the institutes battery of tests, it also means that the system is covered by the Good Housekeeping Warranty. One of the areas in which our gutters surpass all others is clog-protection. Our gutters have a built-in hood system that keeps debris out so it doesn’t clog the system.

Patented Solution for Gutter Protection and Efficiency

The outstanding innovation of the LeafGuard system incorporates a built-in hood with the highly popular seamless design. By combining the low-maintenance quality that a cover provides with spectacular efficiency of a seamless gutter, LeafGuard has created a true one-piece gutter protection system. The curved hood allows for our one-piece system to shed debris as it continues to redirect water. This way your gutter system stays clog-free so water doesn’t bubble over the sides of the gutter to damage your fascia and roof foundation.

Another great thing about the built-in hood is that you don’t have to install it under the shingles of your roof. Other protection systems, including aftermarket covers, require placement under the first row of shingles. This way of installation may cause damage to your roof and void its warranty. The LeafGuard system never touches the shingles and is completely supported by an internal bracket system that screws directly into your fascia.

A Gutter System of Guaranteed Quality

The one-piece, seamless gutter system we carry here at LeafGuard of Eastern Washington is one of the most reliable clog-free systems available. Its internal hangers, oversized downspouts and troughs, and the principle of liquid adhesion make is so even the heaviest amounts of rainfall is redirected away from your Town and Country home. We’ve made it a point to carry only the highest rated gutter system so you can enjoy a low-maintenance, worry-free lifestyle when it comes to gutter maintenance. Don’t waste another minute cleaning out gutters and contact us today to schedule a free consultation about our spectacular LeafGuard gutter system.