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At LeafGuard of Eastern Washington, we have earned the reputation of providing exceptional gutter systems and rainwater management expertise. This is largely due to the fact that we carry one of the best gutter systems in the industry, LeafGuard. The LeafGuard system is the only true one-piece gutter system available. Its patented design keeps you from ever having to clean the gunk from your gutters ever again.  The unique one-piece, seamless system features a built-in, debris-shedding hood that virtually eliminates the possibility of leaves, pine needles, and other gunk entering the system.

Additionally, we feature several color options that give you the opportunity to customize your new gutter system so it can match or accentuate your Eastern Washington home. For greater aesthetic appeal, our gutters are created with a low-profile, seamless beauty that prevents them from looking like an afterthought home addition. This way your home can retain its high curb appeal and characteristic of beautiful planning and design.

For a gutter system that performs to the highest standards, LeafGuard is the answer. Our premier gutter system is among the best when it comes to protecting your home from severe water damage. Features like the built-in hood, oversized downspouts, and internal hangers ensure an amazing performance that won’t let you down with unfulfilled promises. Fight back against the threat of clogged gutters and water damage by contacting us today and learning more about our high-quality gutter system.

Our Gutters

The patented one-piece design our gutters feature gives them the ability to quickly shed debris of any kind & still allow for maximum water flow into the gutter system!

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Photo Gallery

View our photo gallery to see how beautiful our gutter system can make your home. The accentuating curvature & customizable colors make it perfect for any home.

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We’re constantly running special offers for our gutter systems so anyone can enjoy the low-maintenance lifestyle they bring. Make sure to check out our current specials!

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Good Housekeeping Seal

The Good Housekeeping Seal

Our LeafGuard gutters have exhibited such high-quality throughout the years that they have earned the approval of the Good Housekeeping Institute 10 years in a row. This means that they carry the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval and its limited warranty so you can have complete confidence in your new gutter installation!