About LeafGuard of Eastern Washington

Protect Your Home a LeafGuard Gutter System

The gutter system we carry at LeafGuard of Eastern Washington is one of the highest quality rainwater management systems currently on the market. This one of a kind product was developed by Englert after years of research. Englert is a company with a tremendous reputation for producing innovative rainwater management systems that no other manufacturer seems to be able to match. Our LeafGuard system utilizes an on-site formation method to ensure an absolute fit is created using the exact measurements needed from your home.

One of the most prominent features of our gutters is the built-in hood, which makes them the only true one-piece, seamless gutter protection system. The low-profile hood doesn’t detract from the aesthetic beauty of your home and works well against debris by forcing it harmlessly to the ground. This prevents the formation of clogs in your gutter system, which means that it can continue to redirect damaging rainwater from your home. Our clog-free guarantee provides you with further assurance that our gutters will never clog and if they do, we’ll come out and clean them for you.

Innovation in Gutter Design & Installation

Our representatives are some of the most knowledgeable gutter experts in the region. We’ll answer any questions you may have and explain what makes our LeafGuard gutter system so special. The process of redirecting rainwater away from your home is imperative for its protection and stability and our gutters play a key role in this necessary process. They help prevent water damage from occurring to your fascia, landscaping, roof, and foundation by channeling rainwater through system from where it can travel harmlessly to the curb. Since we custom-form the gutter system on-site using the exact measurements of your home, we are able to ensure a perfect fit that doesn’t leave any nasty overhang or exposure. Additionally, the internal hanger system ensures that your gutters won’t pull away or sag.

Professional Service You Can Trust

One of the strongest qualities we possess here at LeafGuard of Eastern Washington is the professionalism by which we attend to our clients. Our representatives provide you with the answers to any questions that you may have about our gutter system and how it works. Additionally, the clog-free guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty on the ScratchGuard™ paint finish we use ensures your total satisfaction. Learn how to keep your home beautiful and gutters clog-free when you contact us to schedule your free consultation.