Stay Clog-Free with Our Gutter System

Seamless, One-Piece Design & Low-Profile Beauty

For a gutter system with a unique one-piece, seamless design, look no further LeafGuard of Eastern Washington. Our seamless gutter system separates itself from the rest of the pack with its built-in hood that completely covers the top of the gutter. By covering the top of the gutter trough, the built-in hood virtually eliminates the possibility of any clogs forming in the system. The clog-free nature of the system ensures water will continue to flow smoothly away from your home so it can avoid severe damage to your fascia, roof, foundation, landscape, and siding. This is all made possible with the principle of liquid adhesion, which keeps water flowing along the surface area of the cover and into the gutter.

Features & Benefits of LeafGuard Gutters:

  • One-Piece, Seamless Design: Our gutter system’s seamless design creates a low-maintenance experience for the homeowner since it doesn’t have any seams that need to be routinely resealed or welded. Furthermore, the one-piece design produces a long continuous channel without seams through which leaks can sprout.
  • Built-in Hood: LeafGuard gutters are the only gutters in the industry with a built-in hood that covers the entirety of the gutter trough. The gutter is formed and shaped with the hood to eliminate the possibility of the gutter protection system being blown off. The best characteristic of the curved hood is that it prevents clogs from forming in your gutter system.
  • On-Site Formation: We roll-form your new gutter installation on-site using our factory on wheels. We extrude the gutters from a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum to create our patented one-piece, seamless gutter system. By forming the gutters on-site, we are able to ensure the exact measurements of your home are used and have a quick turnaround time.
  • Customizable Beauty: We have a large variety of colors from which you can choose that can match or complement the existing look of your home. The ScratchGuard® paint finish we use ensures that the paint on your gutters won’t fall victim to scratches, chips, or cracks.

High-Quality Gutters & Friendly Service

Our high-quality LeafGuard gutter systems have helped homeowners throughout the area enjoy a safer and lower-maintenance home by providing an outstanding rainwater management system. The built-in hood does an amazing job of keeping debris from clogging the system. Not only does this keep you from having to clean out your gutters, it also ensures that your home stays protected from damage to its foundation, fascia, and landscaping. Take advantage of this amazing system today by contacting us and speaking with one of our friendly representatives during your free consultation.